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Color: Gold

Aurm Oval - 'Set the bar' - Studs Small


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Sizes: Small Medium

Aurm Oval - 'Set the bar' - Studs Small, meticulously crafted in 18kt gold with finely assorted natural diamonds.
Aurm Collection is a sophisticated blend of simple geometric shapes with the subtle elegance of brush finished gold and brilliantly cut small diamonds. A perfect way to add a little sparkle to a mundane day.
Aurm Collection Jewels can be paired with almost any other piece of adornment. It also complements beautifully well with the more colourful jewels from SOHNAA's other collections.

Product specifications 

Gold : 18kt  3.000 grm
Diamond : VVS - VS FG Colour 0.05 ct
Dimension: 11mm*8mm*1.5mm

Rs. 0Rs. 34,350.00
Aurm Oval - 'Set the bar' - Studs Small
Aurm Oval - 'Set the bar' - Studs Small Rs. 0Rs. 34,350.00