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About Us


an enchanting world of creativity and innovation,
where every piece is an ode to craftsmanship,
where each piece tells a story of passion and grit,
where each piece is an embodiment
of timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication, 
where beautiful keepsakes and stunning statement pieces,
captivate hearts and make heads turn!!
Sohnaa is a precious adornments and accessories brand that brings Sonali Shah Sheth's creative genius and 25 years of design and manufacturing excellence to life and plans to make a mark in the global luxury design space.
Our designs cater specially to the modern age busy women who are looking for versatile adornments which can be paired effortlessly with different outfits, both traditional Indian and western. We help them create statement looks that resonate with their unique personality and make them feel confident whether they are at work or celebrating moments of joy and triumph.
Our website serves as an interactive platform for our clients, where they can customise their selections online, according to their preferences of shape, size, colour, style or budget.
They have a choice to make their purchase online of offline through our brand partners - thus giving them a fully flexible and immersive jewellery buying experience.